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Nintendo Switch™ version Update!

We have released an updated version of ARIA CHRONICLE ver.1.1.1 on Nintendo Switch™.

Contents such as Ascension Mode and bosses including Zombie Wyvern, Demogorgon, and Archangel have been added.
Moreover, voices have been added to parts of the main story. And that's not all! Additional Heroes, Necroknight and Amazon have finally been added to the Nintendo Switch™ version as a DLC!
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Main Game

Check below for more information on the update.

Addition of Content

  • Added the Ascension Mode to the arena.

How to Play

1. Choose your Champion!

2. Defeat the enemies!

3. Enhance your Champion!

4. Obtain rewards!

5. Ascension to the next floor!

In this mode, you will first be presented with three characters from which you will choose one to be your challenger to aim for the top of the tower.

The challenger will start out with basic attributes and no equipment, from which you will be strengthening, using the rewards received for each victory at the battle floors. You will be presented three rewards from which you will be choosing one.

Further, at certain floors there will be an Ascension Market at which you can use Ascension Coins to buy items and equipment. Ascension coins will be allotted at the beginning and for each victory.

In this mode, you will be given a great amount of freedom on how to strengthen your challenger, including the choice of the character itself, the equipment, and what to buy with your Ascension coins. Each decision you make will greatly affect the outcome of battle, and how far up you will be able to ascend, more so than the strategy during the battle itself.

  • Added the DLC Heroes, Necroknight and Amazon along with their equipment.
  • Added the Zombie Wyvern, Demogorgon, and Archangel bosses to the Arena along with their relating equipment.
  • Added Lv.9 skills and talents to each Hero.

1. Warrior

  • icn01
  • Skill, Inner Rage: The wise quietly hold back anger.
    GetDamage Multiplier +10%. This effect gradually increases with each round.
  • icn02
  • Talent, Robust: Your abilities will be enhanced when equipping a shield.
    Harmful Effect Resistance +50%.

2. Paladin

  • icn03
  • Skill, Advance: An experienced knight never misses an opportunity.
    Immediately gain Action Point(s) +1.
  • icn04
  • Talent, Retribution: The Avenger buff will be triggered twice.

3. Rogue

  • icn05
  • Skill, Wicked Scheme: Scheming is the Rogue's primary weapon.
    The duration of your buffs are extended.
  • icn06
  • Talent, Juggling: Handling mastered to the extreme.
    Handle dual-wield weapons better than normal.

4. Mage

  • icn07
  • Skill, Elemental Aura: The aura that envelopes the elementalist enhances its owner's powers.
    Inflict Magic Resistance -20% to all enemies.
  • icn08
  • Talent, Phase Energy Absorption: Recover (MPheal) when your damage is 0 upon receiving an enemy attack.

5. Warlock

  • icn09
  • Skill, Disseminating Darkness: Infuse darkness into a single enemy.
    At the end of the duration, give Dark Damage +200% and inflict Necrosis to all enemies.
  • icn10
  • Talent, Seeping Darkness: Get Dark ATK +3 for each turn. This effect stacks.
    This effect will be lost when you deal an enemy damage.

6. Ranger

  • icn11
  • Skill, Dragon-slaying Shot: Unleash a powerful shot that will penetrate the enemy from head to tail, dealing Physical DMG 160 ~ 200%.
    When the enemy's HP is 50% or more, damage will increase by 50%.
    Skill Requirements: when Lock and Load is in effect.
  • icn12
  • Talent, Whistling Arrow: It is always the Ranger's job to signal an attack.
    When the enemy's HP is 50% or more, give Extra DMG +20%.

7. Druid

  • icn13
  • Skill, Earthly Weapon: Infuse your weapon with an earthly essence to gain Physical ATK +16.
  • icn14
  • Talent, The Giving Tree: When you fully recover an ally, gain Action Point(s) +1 by a 50% chance.

8. Priest

  • icn15
  • Skill, Seed of Healing: Plant a seed of healing which will recover Magical ATK +100% at the end of the duration.
    If the target receives damage, the seed will immediately sprout to provide healing.
  • icn16
  • Talent, Sanctuary Keeper: When an ally's damage is 0 upon receiving an enemy attack, gain Action Point(s) +1 by a 50% chance.

9. Monk

  • icn17
  • Skill, Dragon Strike: When in a state of Enter the Dragon, unleash an attack that deals Physical DMG 135 ~ 150%, with a 75% chance of inflicting Bleed and Electrocuted.
    Destroys Armor -2%. The enemy will get Physical DMG +30% for each turn.
  • icn18
  • Talent, Mind's Eye: Have a 25% chance of getting Diffused Eye.

10. Cook

  • icn19
  • Skill, Sharpen: Use a special whetstone to sharpen your weapon and gain Crit Rate +5%.
    Inflict Bleed with a physical attack that ignores the effects of armor.
    Can be combined with other buffs.
  • icn20
  • Talent, Break Time: Even the greatest of cooks needs some down time.
    Get Damage Multiplier +20%, Physical Resistance +20%, Magic Resistance +20% when fainted.

11. Exile

  • icn21
  • Skill, Strike of Karma: Unleash a blow mighty enough to make up for your sins, dealing Physical DMG 60%, Dark DMG 60%.
    Give Physical DMG +100% and inflict Stigma when the duration ends.
  • icn22
  • Talent, Indomitable: Get Damage Multiplier +30% when you receive damage and your HP drops below 30%.

12. Charmer

  • icn23
  • Skill, Seduce: Seduce Humanoid to make them attack their allies.
  • icn24
  • Talent, Dancing Healer: I feel to be healed just seeing that magnificent dance.

13. Apparitor

  • icn25
  • Skill, Urge: Give Action Point(s) +1 to a random ally.
  • icn26
  • Talent, Slush Fund: You excel at making slush funds.
    Have a 25% chance of extending the duration of buffs.

14. Time Traveller

  • icn27
  • Skill, Orbital Bombardment: Hack a military satellite to attack the enemy, dealing Fire DMG 80%, Light DMG 80%.
    The enemy must be in the state of Target to be able to attack.
  • icn28
  • Talent, Fine Tuning: Get Crit Rate +10% for each turn. This effect stacks.
    This effect will be lost when you receive damage.

15. Writer

  • icn29
  • Skill, Deadline: Get Action Point(s) +2 at the next turn.

16. Invoker

  • icn30
  • Skill, Arcane Meltdown: Melt the enemy's organs, dealing Fire DMG 20%, Ice DMG 20%, Lightning DMG 20%, Light DMG 20%, Dark DMG 20%.
    Enemies will get Fire DMG +50% at every turn and go into a state of Physical Resistance -20%, Magic Resistance -20%.
  • icn31
  • Talent, Dominance: When you summon a familiar, it will be in a state of Frenzy.
  • Added some voices in the main story.
  • A setting has been added so that Heroes do not speak out when exploring the dungeons.


  • Added illustrations, videos, and music in the end credits.
  • Added a replay function for the end credits (only for those who have cleared the game).
  • The credits have been updated.
  • Parts of the texts in each language have been improved.